Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Madonna Rama at Spiral: January 21, 2011

The Queen of Pop will be at Spiral dance bar this Friday, January 21. Playing all of the famed classics, Madonna’s mirror image, U.K.’s Melissa Totten, will take stage for the Madonna Rama Throwback Party, and will relive the 80’s and 90’s- a time when Madonna transformed the music world and gave way to the meaning of “vogue” and “material girls.”

Totten is a remarkable clone of Madonna; her voice sounds alike, her dance-moves are parallel, and most notably, her appearance is flawlessly identical.

She is acknowledged worldwide as the most realistic and genuine Madonna impersonator. She has traveled the globe making people from Singapore to Australia question whether they were seeing the true pop-icon or not. This lifestyle of constantly getting a double-take elevated Totten to fame, landing a contract to perform as an impersonator on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship and later a six-year spot in the legendary Las Vegas production Legends in Concert.
The Madonna lookalike now tours clubs all around the world and has even released her own edition of Madonna’s most popular tracks on the album, Forever Madonna. Her album, Madonnalicious, is available for preorder and includes a 12 page photo gallery of the Madonna twin.

On the night of January 21, those songs which embrace everything we know and love about pop are packaged up in one night of pure Madonna celebration, featuring the chart-topping favorites- Like a Virgin, Hung Up, and the more recent, 4 Minutes.

So, come out and celebrate Friday! 18+ are welcome and the vogueing will begin at 9p.m. Spiral is located at 1247 Center St., Lansing (517- 371-3221). Visit or for more information.

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