Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Frontier Ruckus at The Loft, March 26

There is sure to be a tuneful ruckus on March 26 when East Lansing’s folk-rock, Frontier Ruckus, headlines at the Loft in Lansing. Frontier Ruckus, originally assembled in the Michigan State college town, has been touring the world (yes, Europe was involved) promoting their lyrical, Michigan-influenced ensemble and is back to play for their home-base.

Frontier Ruckus was sparked by two metro-Detroit high school students, Matthew Milia and David Winston Jones. When Jones attended the University of Michigan, Milia went to the rival Michigan State University. In East Lansing, the band developed into a six-piece group with the addition of drummer Ryan Etzcorn, vocalist Anna Burch, bassist Eli Eisman, and multi-musician Zachary Nichols.

Last year was a busy year for the band; In February they recorded an in-studio Daytrotter session and became a four-member team (when Eisman and Burch left). With the release of their album Deadmalls and Nightfalls they toured all the way to Europe and then returned to the states to play at Bonnaroo 2010- a set which Rolling Stones Magazine listed as a “must-see.”

Come join Frontier Ruckus on March 26 when they team up with other Michigan folk artists, Sacred Strays and Jeff Pianki, and return to the city which originally brought all the Ruckus members together.

Doors open at the Loft (harem lounge) at 8p.m. Buy tickets here for $10 in advance.

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