Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hometown Rock Crown: Local Talent's Battle for the Throne

For 24 local bands who work hard to promote their music, the fourth annual 97.5 Now FM Hometown Rock Crown is presenting them with a golden opportunity to showcase their musical talents to the local mid-Michigan community and claim the throne as the Hometown King of music.

Presented by several local businesses– Splash of Color Tattoo, Music Manor, Tanzmania Tanning, REVUE Magazine, Life in Lansing and Media Advantage– and hosted by Gravy from 97.5 Now FM, the Hometown Rock Crown will resemble a familiar “American Idol” format. Three respected members from the music industry will be judging the contest. The final vote will be based on the judge’s scores, the ticket presales, and the crowd votes.

The contest was open to all ages and welcomed a variety of musical genres. Over 100 bands submitted into the contest and 24 talented bands were asked to participate. Now, these chosen bands will have to “fight it out” in order to receive the ticket to advance to the final round. Each week for four weeks, six bands will perform at the Loft in downtown Lansing. One band from each week will progress to the final round on May 7th where a representative from a major record label will be in attendance.

The title as the Hometown Rock Crown will yield valuable rewards for one deserving band. To name a few prizes, the winner will receive $500 in cash, a cover story in REVUE Magazine, studio time, and one of their songs will be played on 97.5 Now FM.

To kick off the five-week competition, the bands Na Style Jaa, Versus the Ocean, Naiswan, Red Tin Trio, The Sunset Club and ThrillTrain will perform at the Loft in downtown Lansing on April 2nd.

The second week will showcase The Specktators, Sosaveme, Amir Pakray, The Classic, Stikyfüt, and Catalina Wine Mixer at the Loft in downtown Lansing on April 9th.

During the third week, Vinacious, Tree Hut Kings, Jimmy Flint, Finding Bliss, Goat Machine and The Blue Effect will perform at the Loft in downtown Lansing on April 16th.

The fourth and final week of preliminaries will feature Billiards Music, Green Skeem, Lyric’lee, Daybreak, Blissfield and Chris Rozsell and his band at the Loft in downtown Lansing on April 23th.

Come out and support local talent by purchasing tickets $7 in advance on the Loft’s website/band themselves, or $8 on the day of the show. Doors open at 7:00p.m each night of performance and all ages are welcome.


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